Many years ago I published a book called THE LUXURA COLLECTION. The original Vamperotica comic series was published in black & white. What I did was I took the first four installments that I drew and had them colored and collected into a single book plus a 16 page pin-up gallery in the back.

I’m working with my colorist to remaster this book and the results are excellent. Some of you have already seen a few of the pages in LUXURUIOUS: The Art of KIRK LINDO but I am going to publish all of the pages here on my Patreon page for you guys to see before I launch the Kickstarter.

The book will be Full Color and contain my first 4 Luxura stories plus an extended pin-up gallery of my favorite Luxura covers and pin-ups, some of which will be colored for the first time.

This is a long term project as it takes a while to color the pages in-between the other projects I a working on. The book will be published later this year but you guys will get to see the Remastered pages and pin-ups first.


PS- NSFW pages will not be available to view by everyone. To see the all of the updates you need to join my PATREON PAGE at the $5.00 Patron level.